Welcome to the Infant Ear Molding Center of Dallas

Our focus is the non-surgical correction of misshapend ears in newborn infants.  We employ the revolutionary "EarWell Infant Ear Correction System" which restores a near perfect shape to almost all infant ear deformities.  Recent evidence shows that deformities which persist after the first week of life are unlikely to self-correct and the only remaining option is surgery in later childhood.  The good news is that results with EarWell treatment are as good or better than what can be achieved with surgery and without the related pain, anesthesia, and related surgery costs.

Our Philosophy

We place great value on personal relationships with our families.  We are honored that parents trust us with their child's care and we take this responsibiltiy very seriously.  It is fantastic to be a part of the excitement that surrounds the entrance of these newborns into their families.