Newborn Infants with Ear Deformities of the Helical Rim Treated with EarWell

Infant ear cartilage development Infant ear embryology

It's amazing that the infant ear cartilage arises from embryonic gill arches shown on inset A and B when the fetus is only a few weeks old and looks more like a fish or tadpole than a human.  I have noticed that a weakness or break in the helical rim cartilage is often present where the cartilaginous crus of the superior limb of the trianguar fossa (gill arch II) joins the helical rim (gill arch I;see arrow to the right and photos 1,2, and 3 below).  Helical rim irregularities or compression may occur anywhere along its entire circumference where arch I attaches to acrch II.  The good news is that these deformities and irregularities are generally completely corrected when diagnosed early and EarWell molding threrapy is initiated.