Untreated Infant Ears in Later Life

Unfortunately, parents are still told that their baby's misshapened or deformed eas will self correct.  Recent studies indicate that this is the exception rather than the rule.  I believe that if the ears have not assumed a normal shape by the time the baby is five to seven days old, EarWell treatment should be initiated.  EarWell modling therapy provides a painless, non-surgical treatment that offers a better than 93% good to excellent correction when started in the first week of life.  As maternal estrogen leaves the baby (gone by six weeks of age), the hyaluronic acid in the ear cartilage also diminishes causing the ear to stiffen and making it less amnenable to molding.  Surgery when the baby's ears have reached maturity (over 90% adult size by age 5) becomes the only remaining alternative.  For these reasons early diagnosis and treatment should be the standard of care for these congenital ear deformities.

Infant Ear Deformities left Untreated